Susan Napolitano, Ph.D.
Clinical and Forensic Psychology
5151 North Palm
Suite 980
Fresno, CA 93704
Telephone:(559) 435-2006

Third Party Payors:

 Dr. Napolitano is not a "Preferred Provider" on any insurance panels.  This means that she has not entered into any private contractual arrangements with insurance carriers or HMO's.  This office does not bill insurance or assess your insurance benefits.  This office will provide you with statements so that you may bill your own insurance.  It is typically less expensive for you to see a "provider" who is contracted with your insurance company.  The difference in cost can be considerable.

 Forensic assessments, Custody Evaluations, Collaborative Divorce Services and consultations are not billed to insurance companies.  These professional services are not treatment for a mental illness.

Child Custody Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Child Forensic Interviews and Expert Testimony.